Biofuel blending and consumption

Flow meters for biofuel production and blending
bio-fuel blending meter

In the last decade bio-fuel has transitioned from a laboratory scale experiment to a commercially feasible alternative to fossil fuels.

Discoveries like the sustainability of algae as an organic base in the production of bio-crude have made full-scale production a reality. Algal-based oil is very similar in structure to petroleum and as such has stepped out as a leader in the race to commercialize biofuel production at a significant level. Because it is “cracked” in a manner similar to petroleum, algal-oil can produce jet fuel, diesel, gasoline and plastics; providing a solution that requires no modification to engines and is compatible with the current refining and distribution infrastructure.

All Max flow meters are compatible with biofuels meaning you can use your existing meter with blends and need not worry about material compatibility for new meters.

Max Equipment Specified:
Max specializes in precision fuel measurement. The Model P213 is particularly suited for fuel applications reporting flows down to 1cc/min and operating in intermittent flow applications making it a perfect fit for batching or low volume ratio control. If you have an application requiring bio-fuel flow measurement Max flow meters are an excellent choice. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please let us know.

To learn more about algae fuel production visit Solazyme's website: or the US Department of Energy's informative web site.


Products Specified for this Application

Precision low flow meter Model P213
0.5 to 1800 cc/min (0 to 0.48 gpm) with a 210 bar (3000 psi) pressure rating
Diesel fuel testing equipment
Fuel recirculation tanks for measurement system development