Drone aircraft (UAV) fuel measurement

UAV’s are making rapid technological advances as a growing industry strives to leap frog existing designs with the next generation of planes
engine testing and development

Armed with accurate fuel efficiency data, the designer has the option of trading fuel payload for added operational payload. In the design and servicing of hyper fuel efficient engines, the high resolution of the Max Model P213 gives the engineer the ability to evaluate the impact of every change in vehicle weight, flight profile or engine performance. The efficiency gains with each new design can be small and incremental, making those gains difficult to resolve. Only a flow meter with high accuracy and high resolution can provide test data that is adequate for design verification.

Based on this need for high resolution, Max has supplied flow meters to over a dozen UAV related companies. The Model P213 meter weighs in at less than 3 lbs and the overall dimensions are 2.5" square by 6" tall. The output signals available include 1,000 pulse/cc, 0-10Vdc or 0-20mA. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please let us know.

About UAV

Unmanned flight has the benefit of eliminating human exposure to dangerous airspace with the added benefits of lower cost surveillance and increased stealth. The most common uses of a UAV are to make observations, collect data, or make a delivery. Typical payloads include:

  • Infra-red and other light and heat sensors
  • Radar sensors
  • Ordnance and rescue/support equipment
  • Chemical and environmental sensors

Collection of data is the most common use of a UAV. UAV’s can penetrate areas and locations without risk to human life, and collect data that can be critical in assessing the next stage of an operation or mission. Data gathering may require covering long distances and an extended time aloft, so fuel consumption is a key performance criterion. Time aloft must be predictable and fuel consumption verifiable to make full use of each UAV deployment.  

Products Specified for this Application

High resolution, low flow meter Model P001
0.005 to 200 cc/min (0 to 0.053 gpm)...Combined with our highest, 500 bar (7250 psi) pressure rating
Precision low flow meter Model P213
0.5 to 1800 cc/min (0 to 0.48 gpm) with a 210 bar (3000 psi) pressure rating