Freon® flow meters for design, assembly and testing

Useful in charging stands and life cycle testing

Meter Features:

- Immediate response, can measure intermittent flows
- High resolution for fraction of a gram accountability
- Capable of measuring low viscosity fluids

             Meters optimized for low viscosity measurement

         Model P214 up to 8 kg/min

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Flow meters for Freon charging stations

Freon® and other fluorocarbons share a characteristic of being low viscosity liquids. To accurately measure these fluids with a positive displacement meter requires both tight machining clearances within the meter and a minimum pressure differential to reduce internal blow by. Max Machinery’s line of piston flow meters achieves both of these requirements and is used extensively in charging stands for the refrigeration industry.

In the refrigeration industry, the fluorocarbon liquid is used as the heat transfer medium. Achieving the stated cooling capability of the compressor requires that the proper amount of refrigerant be placed into the unit during assembly. The filling application adds an additional challenge in that the process calls for the starting and stopping of the flow stream with each filling cycle. Positive displacement meters are well suited to batching applications and are not affected by On/Off flow or changes in flow profile. The high resolution of the Max meter also aids in the ability to achieve accurate shut off of the flow and precise determination of the amount dispensed into the product.

Max equipment specified:
The Max P214 meter, with its 75 pulses/gram resolution is the industry standard for accurate filling over a wide flow range (0.008 to 8.3 kg/min). If you have a similar project, please ask for a quote.

Products Specified for this Application

High accuracy flow meter Model P214
5 to 10,000 cc/min (0 to 2.64 gpm) in 210 bar (3000 psi) and 500 bar (7250 psi) versions