Hot melt glue measured to a fraction of a gram

Max meters provide high resolution and accuracy for adhesive dispensing applications

Meter Features

- 20 to 40 times more pulses per gram than any other gear meter
- Per shot resolutions to 0.01 gram
- Rugged, all stainless steel construction
- integral heater and probe ports for ease of use

              Gear meter for hot melt adhesive measurement

              High Temperature, G015 Meter

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The wide rangeability and low flow accuracy featured in all Max gear meters make them the leading choice for measuring on-line, adhesive and sealant dispensing applications. From products that depend on adhesives for their structure, to the millions of sealed boxes and cartons, there is an optimal amount of adhesive that is needed to get the job done.

The common theme of all of the Max adhesive applications is that a relatively small amount of material can change the customer’s perception of your product’s quality and performance. Since the adhesive adds certain desirable characteristics to the final product, the amount applied should be precise. Further, since this application is done "on-the-fly" as the products are going into the carton- final product quality is dependent on high resolution, repeatability and accurate metering over the entire operating range.

Max equipment specified: The Max G004 and Max G015 gear flow meters have small displacements which greatly boost the number of pulses per dose or milliliter. This degree of resolution gives the operator an ability to precisely dose the liquid onto the product or fine tune flow rates and alarm limits to perfect the closed-loop flow control.

The fact is that the Max G004 and Max G015 gear meters are uniquely suited to monitor and control adhesive flow rates. They will prevent over application of adhesive which hurts product consistency and the bottom line and, equally important, prevents under dosing which can lead to recalls, in-plant rework and product failures. Max meters provide the accuracy so that you can maintain product consistency. If you have a similar project, please ask for a quote.


“I'm thrilled with your equipment. It is a pleasure to work with something that works so well.”

– 3M Engineer


Products Specified for this Application

Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G004
0.5 cc/min to 4 liters/min (0 to 1 gpm)
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G015
10 cc/min to 15 liters/min (0.003 to 4 gpm)