Industrial and heavy equipment hydraulic oil lubricating and fuel metering

Max Flow Meters emerge as Heavy Equipment Industries’ standard for R&D and system operation testing
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Industrial and Heavy Machinery manufacturers face some pretty tough flow measurement challenges. These systems must operate in extreme environments consistently, safely and reliably. Much like the aircraft industry, high pressure hydraulic systems are at the core of the complex network of operating controls, these sytems require precise application of lubricating fluids, and much like the auto industry, ever increasing regulations on exhaust emissions are requiring engine manufacturers to invest heavily and become leaders in engine system research and development.

Fortunately, Max Machinery has high precision flow meters suited to all of these challenges. Max Gear meters offer a unique advantage over other gear meters – although they share the same rugged design and low price point – Max meters do not rely on counting gear teeth to generate a pulse output, but instead detect the inner shaft rotation thousands of times per second. The result is an output of up to 500 pulses per cc of fluid. Such high resolution allows these meters to detect leakage flow rates, while their large operating range makes it possible to measure full flow with the same meter.

On the fuel measurement side, Max’s family of high accuracy piston meters covers the full range of idle to full flow measurement in any engine from gen-sets through earth sculpting. Regardless of the scale of your equipment, a Max meter can help fine tune and verify your design improvements as you move toward the latest tier of engine efficiency.

Performance standards will only tighten in the future.  Having a flow meter that produces reliable output, along with the capability to be used in multiple operations, including low flow, start-stop or intermittent rates, and continuous flow, gives you a high value tool to verify that your products exceed the performance specs, today and tomorrow. 

Max equipment specified:

Most commonly the Model G045 for hydraulics and the Model P214 for diesel. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please let us know.

Who's using Max meters?:


Products Specified for this Application

Precision low flow meter Model P002
0.5 to 2000 cc/min (0 to 0.53 gpm)...All the range of the Model P213 with a 500 bar (7250 psi) pressure rating
High accuracy flow meter Model P214
5 to 10,000 cc/min (0 to 2.64 gpm) in 210 bar (3000 psi) and 500 bar (7250 psi) versions
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G045
25 cc/min to 45 liters/min (0.006 to 12 gpm)