A move to structural adhesives

Reduce error and cost with accurate low flow adhesive metering
Hot melt adhesive measurement

Construction adhesives and sealants have replaced rivets, screws and cloth thread in everything from cell phones to disposable diapers. A wide range of adhesives, such as mastics, hot melts and 2K mixtures, are applied in automated processes from packaging lines to automotive assembly lines.  Often the flow is intermittent ultra-short pulses or a very low flow rate.

High resolution, Max Flow Meters are the key component in measuring the delivered flow to within a fraction of a gram. Changing from stripes to a stitch pattern or even adhesive dots greatly reduces adhesive usage and packaging costs. To verify each shot of adhesive, a high resolution meter such as the Model G004 or G015 are used to produce 200 or 500 pulses/gram.  With this level of resolution, Single shot measurement can be achieved to give 100% verification of the amount of glue dispensed. Allowing the user to reduce excess coverage with confidence.

Don’t assume your flow rate, because your accuracy is only as good as your last pump rebuild or calibration.

The common alternatives of timed shots and variable speed pumping are not a verification of the dispensed amount. You cannot rely on pump RPM to accurately report the flow of material. Nor can you equate timed flow from a pressurized source as a guaranteed flow rate. Variations in fluid temperature cause changes in viscosity and density of the fluid, which will vary the downstream pressure. This changing pressure will impact the pump’s internal leakage and distort the pump’s speed-to-flow rate relationship and the timed interval approach.

Max equipment specified:

If you want real time verification of the flow, you need a flow meter like the Max Model G004 or G015. The G Series of meters can produce 200 to 500 pulses/gram of material.  Such a high resolution will allow you to measure down to a “per shot” amount of adhesive. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please let us know.

Products Specified for this Application

Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G015
10 cc/min to 15 liters/min (0.003 to 4 gpm)