Production rates improved through precise ratio control of defoamers

Increase efficiency, and reduce over saturation with Max flow meters
defoamer additive measurement

Non-aqueous antifoam and defoam solutions are used in a variety of processes and industries. From refining processes to wastewater treatments, defoam and antifoams control the buildup of process-seizing foam concentrations. Both aqueous and non-aqueous fluid systems produce foam, and both are treated with antifoam and defoaming solutions. These solutions—though dramatically different in chemical composition—have the similar physiological reaction of low solubility when introduced to the fluid stream.

In food processes, food-grade oils and silicones may be used in a water or juice stream to break up the surface tension of the air bubbles and prevent further foaming. In oil and gas fluid systems, silicone based compounds or emulsions are most commonly used to reduce entrapped air bubbles and prevent costly build-up of foam; however there are hundreds of variations of antifoam and defoaming solutions.

Why use Max flow meters for antifoam measurement?

All antifoam solutions are dependent on precision dosing. Ask any manufacturer of antifoam, and they are likely to stress the importance of the dosing and handling in chemical antifoam solutions. This is because dosing antifoams in excess causes over saturation and antifoams become less effective. The excess can be detrimental to the efficacy of the treatment and costly—adding thousands of dollars to process cost—by requiring turnover of mechanical filtration, introduction of chemicals to strip antifoams, and process down-time due to destabilization by foam build up.

Max flow meters are ideal components for non-aqueous defoaming systems because of their long lifespans, ultra-low flow capabilities, and compatibility with viscous fluids. Max meters positive displacement design, offers the capability to measure from intermittent to continuous stream injection without recalibration or monitoring for zero drift. Max meters are often found in dosing systems, skids, or inline in neat fluid (concentrate) streams dedicated to antifoam.

Max has a state-of-the art calibration lab and ships new meters to specification. On-staff engineers are available to assist specifying meters into an application and for offering technical assistance and installation advice.

Max meters are ideal for non-aqueous antifoam dosing systems, common applications:

  • Oil & Gas: Recirculating amine solutions
  • Refining
  • Food grade oils (Not requiring clean in place, Max meters cleaning method: inline flush [non-aqueous])
  • Pulp and paper
  • Adhesives
  • Wood-plastic composites
  • Common Mechanical Installations:
  •     Continuous flow
  •     Control loops
  •     Operator controlled inline injection systems

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Common antifoam manufacturers:

  • Wacker
  • Momentive
  • Dow Corning
  • Baker Hughes
  • GE

Products Specified for this Application

Aqueous flow meter Model 234
10 to 4000 cc/min (0 to 1 gpm) with a 140 bar (2000 psi) rating
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G004
0.5 cc/min to 4 liters/min (0 to 1 gpm)