Reverse osmosis anti-scalant injection

Max meters protect your water treatment membranes through accurate anti-scalant dosing
RO antiscalant

With the R.O. membranes making up as much as 40% of the R.O. plant's original construction cost, their proper maintenance is a primary concern. Max's Model 234 Positive Displacement Flow Meter provides reliable low flow measurement of scale inhibitors in the Reverse Osmosis, water desalinization process.

Through the use of small doses of antiscalant chemicals, mineral scale formation is inhibited in the process and on the membranes. Monitoring of this additive is crucial. Inadequate dosing can cause the fine membranes to become irreparably clogged in as little as 48 hours.

Max equipment specified:

The Model 234, piston-type positive displacement flow meter offers a drift free K-factor, high repeatability (0.1%) and direct measurement of the antiscalant liquid’s flow. No longer are you dependent on indirect measures of flow such as pump speed or stroke count. The Model 234 provides an accuracy of ± 0.5% of reading over a 200:1 turndown making it ideal for measuring the low flow rates of antiscalant which are needed to protect the R.O. membranes. The meter is rugged, dependable and not affected by changes in the fluid viscosity or flow profile. Even pulsating flow streams can be accurately measured.

When combined with Max Machinery's product line of electronic indicators, the Model 234 can be used to provide the no-flow alarms, flow rate and totalization information as well as analog or pulse outputs for maintenance documentation making it perfect for municipal water settings. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please let us know.

“We install a Max meter every time we can – they work!”

– Marc R, Montreal

Products Specified for this Application

Aqueous flow meter Model 234
10 to 4000 cc/min (0 to 1 gpm) with a 140 bar (2000 psi) rating