Scale inhibitors, paraffin solvents, depressants, modifiers & dewaxing chemical catalysts

Measuring Scale inhibitors, solvents, modifiers & chemical additives in upstream and downstream processes
well head chemical additives

Accurate volumetric measurement of oilfield chemicals. 

With port sizes ranging from 1/4" to 2.5" covering a 0.005 cc/min to 500 liters/min range Max flow meters are the ideal fit for exact real-time injection measurement. Found on injection skids and custom oilfield systems, positive displacement meters are used to report the precise measurement of flow in blending operations. Their low-flow measurement capabilities mean that they are particularly well suited for concentrate, or neat fluid feeding into a blending line. Unlike competing technologies, Max Positive Displacement Flow Meters are responsive in intermittent flow conditions, and are much more rugged and affordable than alternatives.

Paraffin, scale and iron sulfide formation are controlled by the injection of liquid catalysts. Whether intermittent dosing or continuous flow, a high resolution encoder coupled with our ultra-fast meter response gives you the ability to accurately track usage or perform closed-loop flow control. 

New standards, along with shifting requirements in extraction make detailed accounts of additives a necessity for any well, refinery or blending facility. Accurate measurement of catalyst addition leads to sound record keeping for the purpose of reporting to regulatory agencies and end-users alike.

Improvements in catalytic science continue to increase efficiencies and reduce the likelihood of pipeline fouling. To enjoy this increase in product quality and prevent over feeding, a precision flow meter should be an integral part of your process.

The Max family of flow meters offers fluid measurement over a range of 0.005 cc/min - 500 liters/min giving you meters starting in the drop per minute quantities and up to higher continuous flow volumes. Port sizes from 1/4" (Model P001 with Swagelok adapters)  - 2.5" (Model H242) If you would like a quote for this type of project, please let us know.

Products Specified for this Application

Precision low flow meter Model P002
0.5 to 2000 cc/min (0 to 0.53 gpm)...All the range of the Model P213 with a 500 bar (7250 psi) pressure rating
High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H242
1 l/min to 500 liters/min (0.26 to 132 gpm)