Urethane Flow control for exact ratios

Max meters provide high resolution and accuracy for precise polyurethane ratio control

Meter Features:

- Accuracy within 0.2%
- Non-drifting output, reliable throughout the pour
- Repeatable performance, always ready for use
- High resolution, allows precise control of the ratio

            Urethane chemical measurement               Urethane Resin flow measurement

            Model H241 to 189 LPM                  Model H242 to 500 LPM

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precision ratio control in urethane foam blending

Max meters were originally developed for use on the Max Machinery line of polyurethane dispensing machines. Positive displacement flow meters were chosen because of their consistent output regardless of changes in material density, viscosity or flow profile. For over 45 years, the wide rangeability and repeatability featured in all Max meters have made them the leading choice to measure in-line, polyol and isocyanate blending applications for cast elastomers, and rigid or flexible foam applications such as reaction injection molding (RIM).

The common theme of all of Max’s urethane applications is that high resolution and repeatability allow the customer to achieve and control flow set points within a tiny fraction of the optimal amount. Real time control is attainable as even the smallest deviation can be detected for immediate pump speed adjustment. When you are creating your final product "on-the-fly" you cannot afford signal lag or be held hostage by low resolution information.

Urethane blending depends on precise ratio control of the polyol and MDI or TDI to achieve the final density, cure time and hardness. In addition to the polyol and isocyanate ratios, any catalysts, surfacants, fire retardants, pigments or blowing agents must be added at the precise ratio. The cost of off-ratio material is usually measured in the thousands of dollars. Accurate flow measurement gives you a powerful tool to prevent off-ratio conditions from occurring or persisting in your process.

Max Equipment Specified:

The Max Model H241, H242 flow meters, combined with either a high resolution frequency transmitter or a linearized, stable analog transmitter. Both combinations give the operator the ability to precisely set the flow rates and alarm limits of the base materials to perfect closed-loop flow control. By using a Max meter you can enjoy enhanced product consistency leading to better yields, lower costs and greater end user satisfaction. If you have a similar project, please ask for a quote.

Products Specified for this Application

High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H241
100 cc/min to 189 liters/min (0 to 50 gpm)
High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H242
1 l/min to 500 liters/min (0.26 to 132 gpm)