Verifying aircraft fuel capacity

The Max Model H242 helical flow meter remains the only allowable test standard for continuing production of F-15 test stands
Bi-directional flow testing

Flow measurement under Military specifications is one of the most stringent duties that our meters face.

To verify that wing tanks being provided to the Air Force meet the capacity specification, the testing program includes a pump-to-fill, pump-to-empty test which twice verifies each tank's capacity. A uni-directional test might overstate the fuel capacity of a tank, but a bi-directional test immediately verifies that no fuel was diverted or spilled in the filling test and double checks the accuracy of the tank’s manufacturing.

Max equipment specified:
The design process of the F-15’s wing tank included a parallel design of the test stand which supports them.  The tank manufacturers are required to use the Max Model 242 flow meter in each test stand as these were the meters which certified the original prototypes and remain as the only allowable test standard for continuing production.  The Model H242 has the ability to measure bi-directional flow and produce a high frequency output to certify the total volume to within a few milliliters. If you would like a quote for a similar project, please let us know.

Products Specified for this Application

High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H242
1 l/min to 500 liters/min (0.26 to 132 gpm)