Measurement of fuel oil flow in power generation

Measure all hydrocarbon based liquids with one instrument
fuel oil

The Power Generation industry strives for the highest levels of energy efficiency and the lowest levels of emissions. Achieving these goals requires extremely accurate, responsive, and reliable fluid flow measurement and precise air-to-fuel ratios. Max flow meters offer the rangeability and accuracy needed to set and verify the fuel flow, making them a must-have upgrade for power generation plants.

The industry has traditionally used velocity based devices, such as DP, turbine and vortex flow meters to measure fuel flow.  These technologies don’t offer the required accuracy, turndown capabilities or ability to handle pulsating flows and have been superseded by high precision, positive displacement flow meters. To satisfy the higher flow rates in this application, Max has developed several flow meters specifically to provide accurate, direct volumetric measurement and robust performance in the 1” and up sizes.

Reliable measurement, regardless of fluid viscosity, reduces measurement variability and results in better environmental regulations compliance.  With Max positive displacement meters and their direct volumetric measurement, you can count on optimal fuel oil feed and consistency regardless of where you are in the flow range, and whatever viscosity changes are occurring.  Your plant can run at maximum energy efficiency while total emissions are minimized.

Benefits provided by Max flow meters for the Power Industry:

  • Highly accurate flow measurement over a wide flow range improves combustion efficiency
  • A short, in-line flow path results in a minimal pressure drop
  • No straight pipe runs required
  • Install anywhere with no flow conditioning
  • Measures pulsating or steady state flow
  • Measure all hydrocarbon based liquids with one instrument
  • Simple and fast installation and commissioning at start-up
  • Each meter arrives factory calibrated and ready for use.
  • Meters used for this application include:G240, H241, H242

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Products Specified for this Application

High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H241
100 cc/min to 189 liters/min (0 to 50 gpm)
High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H242
1 l/min to 500 liters/min (0.26 to 132 gpm)
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G240
250 cc/min to 240 liters/min (0.07 to 63 gpm)