News - December 2015

High accuracy meter for AdBlue

Piston meters are far superior to gear meters when measuring the flow rate of low viscosity fluids. The clearance between a rotating gear and the meter body is usually 5 times larger than the clearance around the pistons used in a Max meter. This larger internal leakage is the main reason that gear meters are calibrated using a 20 or 30 cps fluid.

Piston Meters out perform Coriolis meters

While both technologies can measure ultra-low flow rates; piston meters are able to accurately track and totalize intermittent flow with no  “zero-drift" and are the leading choice for clean lubricating, or viscous fluids. They are especially popular in fuel measurement applications and chemical additive applications.

While both technologies can measure low flow rates; gear meters are able to accurately track and totalize intermittent flow such as in a chemical injection application.

Coriolis meters measure the mass flow directly, while a gear meter is a volumetric flow rate device. One form of measurement can be converted to the other by factoring in the fluid density (If the liquid’s temperature range is within a +/- 5°C band, one density can usually be used for all your conversions).

NIST traceable lab certification

Calibrating the largest of the Max flow meter test stands is no light task. To do so, Max’s Operation Manager Andrew Hiles and Production Engineer Peter Michenfelder have brought in Bill Osterman owner and operator of Petroleum Calibration, Inc. who specializes in mobile calibration services. His Small Volume Prover meets Gravimetric Water Draw certification standards and is capable of testing the calibration stand’s reference meters across their 1.2L/min to 1400 L/min flow range.

Low cost rate and total display

Max Machinery has replaced the Model 120, panel mount display with the feature packed and economical Model 122.

The Model 122 includes all of the same features at less than half the price.  
Pulse input, capable of accepting 4 times the frequency of the predecessor, for a higher resolution answer.
Dual displays, programmable to show rate, total or grand total.
4-20mA output, scalable to the rate or total display.

We've stumbled across the most interesting site for all things mechanical. Everything from the Gas laws to the Science in Motocross racing is on this site. It is a great resource for students and those needing to get a refresher on the tools and concepts, but that is just the beginning. There is neat stuff scattered throughout, like the video on what's inside a Rolex watch or how to identify fasteners and read tire ratings. Learn about bearings, lubricants and cutting tools.

Green manufacturing uses solar power

The latest numbers are in and the 48kW, solar array on the roof of Max Machinery is producing 83,000kWh per year. This amount of solar energy reduced the need to burn fossil fuels which would have put another 50 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In addition, Max has made several energy saving upgrades to its facility so we are now producing 100% of our own electricity, besting our previous record of 90%.

Precision blending of BioDiesel

Green energy is coming to market and it is not just alcohols made from corn. The Department of Energy is sponsoring the development of algea derived oils which will power everything from Planes and Trains to Automobiles.

Max Machinery volunteers at food bank

Max Machinery recently had an opportunity to help out at the local food bank. In preparation for their Thanksgiving Season campaign, the food bank asked Max to prepare the donation bags and flyers which would be delivered to all of the area residents, inserted into their newspapers.  A large number of our employees were able to volunteer and we cranked out a record number of bags in our afternoon shift.

People are naturally drawn to the low price alternative when trying to solve a problem. When you are talking about PD flow meters, that choice would be a gear style meter. Gear meters might be the answer that you seek, but let's compare them to a piston meter first - before we fall in love with their lower price.