News - December 2016

Max Model P001 meters

The red tote makes these meters look like jewels in a gift box.

Just in time for the Holidays, a set of the Model P001 meters has been wrapped and shipped to our friends at the Shell Eco-Marathon.
These meters will soon find their way to students competing in the Urban Concept vehicle category of the 2017 Event. Check it out at #shellecomarathon

Part Number Matrix

On January 1, 2017 we will update our part numbering system to bring all of our Piston and Helical meters in line with the G-Series, Gear meters. The new, single-line, part numbering system will allow you to confidently specify your choice of features as you select from the matrices for the P-Series, Piston Meters and H-Series, Helical Meters.

We are often asked to provide an analog output signal for a wide operating range project. While we are happy to accommodate this request, there are certain realities that must be considered. When you select an analog signal, you are setting the span to the project’s full scale value and the voltage or current level produced at each flow rate will then have a fixed magnitude of resolution.


On August 31, the Max crew and their families were treated to a mid-summer outing to a San Francisco Giant's game. We were doubly blessed with fantastic weather and a Giant's win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Giants won the World Series in 2010, 2012 and we figured that this was a chance to see a Giant's game in advance of their inevitable 2016 victory.  

Why I Give: Building the Future Workforce of Sonoma County (as reported in the SRJC Alumni & Friends Newsletter)


Shell Eco-Marathon Championship

The inaugural running of the Drivers' World Championship (DWC) in London was a real crowd pleaser. For the first time, 8 cars outfitted with real time fuel monitors and GPS systems were set loose on the 1.4 mile Eco-marathon track to race head-to-head. 

Graph of Emission standards

And, when will they roll out Tier 5 (in the United States) and Stage 5 in Europe?

We came across a really useful graphic prepared by Cummins. It shows the roll out of the various emissions standards across the various horsepower ratings and in the major adopting markets of the US, Europe and Japan.

Natec Sensors has relaunched their web site with an increased emphasis on flow measurement.

Model P001 installed in SEM car

The Shell Eco-marathon is moving on from Detroit to London. The European region is the third and final stop for this year's student challenge. Student groups from all of Europe are testing their fuel efficient concept cars in open competition to see who has the best engineering and execution against some very strict guidelines set down by the race organization.
We are very excited about this year's events, because Max has been asked to join the event to provide high-resolution, flow measurement for the leanest running cars in the world. 

In an effort to increase the number of pulses/cc that their meters produce, some companies have added pulse multipliers to their output signal. Simply put, these devices fire 2 to 16 times for each input pulse that the meter creates. These are popular when the triggering event is rather far apart. For example, a gear meter which produces one pulse for every tooth that passes below a proximity sensor.