News - April 2017

Precision flow meters available in Australia

Bright colors and clear, to-the-point engineering details await anyone in Australia that is looking for precision flow meters. Fluidpro Dosing systems, our Australian distributor has just relaunched their web site with a new focus on flow measurement. 

Ultra-high resolution, odorant meter

The number of odorization sites has increased dramatically with the addition of remote site injection systems. Max has long been the industry leader in mercaptan measurement and verification at large city gate and propane loading facilities. Recently, we have seen a growing interest in smaller meters like our Model P001 to measure sub 1 cc doses of mercaptan at small scale distribution points.

Recirculation tanks and vapor eliminators for fuel measurment

Recirculating Fuel and Efficient Bubble Elimination Increases Fuel Measurement Accuracy

In an attempt to measure actual fuel consumption, early designs of fuel measurement systems employed two flow meters; one would measure supply fuel and the other, return fuel.