Real-time fuel measurement for high mileage challenge

Model P001 installed in SEM car

The Shell Eco-marathon is moving on from Detroit to London. The European region is the third and final stop for this year's student challenge. Student groups from all of Europe are testing their fuel efficient concept cars in open competition to see who has the best engineering and execution against some very strict guidelines set down by the race organization.
We are very excited about this year's events, because Max has been asked to join the event to provide high-resolution, flow measurement for the leanest running cars in the world. 

These student-built vehicles compete in several classes based on power source and whether they are prototype test beds, or Urban Concept vehicles with doors, windshield wipers and luggage racks. The fuel mileage of the urban concept vehicles can reach the 850 miles/gallon (360 km/liter) range, while the prototype vehicles which lack creature comforts like being able to sit upright instead of laying down, travel 4 times farther on that much gasoline.

The European stop is the last feeder event for the Drivers' World Championship, which will immediately follow the London event. Based on the results of three global events, the top urban concept cars from around the world will meet on July 3rd. This is an all new format that will pit the cars against each other on the same track at the same time. It promises to be thrilling for the spectators and teams alike.

Historically, officials have used a labor intensive process of volumetric fuel replacement for vehicles that achieve under 1500 km/liter and a before and after weighing of the fuel system on vehicles that achieve results above 1500 km/liter. By incorporating the high resolution Model P001, the event hopes to replace the manual, after-race measurements with real time flow measurement. In addition to providing faster results, the spectators and teams will be able to gauge the success of each contestant while they are still on the track; offering a chance for greater fan involvement.

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