Calibrating Max Machinery’s High Flow Test Stand

NIST traceable lab certification

Calibrating the largest of the Max flow meter test stands is no light task. To do so, Max’s Operation Manager Andrew Hiles and Production Engineer Peter Michenfelder have brought in Bill Osterman owner and operator of Petroleum Calibration, Inc. who specializes in mobile calibration services. His Small Volume Prover meets Gravimetric Water Draw certification standards and is capable of testing the calibration stand’s reference meters across their 1.2L/min to 1400 L/min flow range.

Wheeling in Bill’s Small Volume Prover—often used in calibration service for both aerospace and oil custody transfer applications—was a challenge, but in spite of the narrow entry way we were able to place the mobile rig in proximity to the lab.

Andrew Hiles (right), Operations Manager has been with Max for 11 years and is responsible for the training of all production employees. Andrew has extensive experience in industrial operations, His knowledge base is a valuable resource in identifying and coordinating certified vendors for Max Machinery and maintaining relationships with accredited resources like Petroleum Calibration Inc. 

Overseeing the calibration, test-stand development and certification effort for Max is Peter Michenfelder (left)—Operations Engineer. Peter came to Max in 2010 after completing his degree in Aerospace Engineering and is leading the effort towards certifications and software upgrades for our lab.

The Large Flow Meter Test Stand handles higher flows and thicker viscosities using two reference meters both of which passed the verification testing. The final report confirmed 0.003% repeatability down to 1.2 L per min. and up to 1400L per min.

We here at Max are celebrating the job-well-done of our production and lab teams, whose effort and coordination resulted in the successful verification of our largest test stand.

Photos (left to right):
Peter Michenfelder – Max Machinery, Inc.;
Bob Osterman – of Petroleum Calibration, Inc.;
Andrew Hiles – Max Machinery, Inc.