Max Machinery supports the Santa Rosa Junior College

Why I Give: Building the Future Workforce of Sonoma County (as reported in the SRJC Alumni & Friends Newsletter)


As a manufacturer of high precision, liquid flow meters, Max Machinery is keenly aware that locally trained technicians and engineers are in short supply. To remain competitive, area manufactures must support local programs that will set students on a career path into the technical disciplines.

For decades Max Machinery's late founder, John Max, was the primary sponsor of the local high school science fair. In John's honor, Max Machinery continues to support science and technology programs in the Sonoma County area. Through donations of equipment, hiring of student interns and school group tours, they continue to introduce students to a high-tech manufacturing environment. 

This spring, Max Machinery made a sizable donation of electric components and PCAs to SRJC's Electronics Program for student use in the classroom. "I hope that our support of the SRJC will make it possible for additional students to master the skills that we will need in Sonoma County for the decades ahead." says Paul Hock, Marketing Manager.

Thank you to Max Machinery and our local business community for supporting the workforce of the future at SRJC. If you, or your organization, would like to donate to SRJC, please contact Sarah Laggos at 707-527-4733 or slaggos [at]