MeterView software places Model 122 programming in the user's hands

Easy to use programming software for Model 122 indicator

The Model 122 indicator has just become easier to program and optimize for each user's application.

The Model 122 now includes the programming software, MeterView installed in each unit. No longer do users need to buy the separate software CD and interface cable to have access to this easy to use graphical interface. In addition, a USB cable is provided in each box to facilitate the connection between your computer and the display. The display will power up and operate the programming software while being powered through the USB port. No additional wiring or power connections are required.

Use of the front panel buttons and the "thumb dance" are no longer needed to review the settings and sort through the optional configurations. MeterView clearly organizes the choices in drop down menus that are arranged into functional areas. The use of clear fonts is a big improvement over the upper and lower case letters available on the display. Plus full words on the computer screen are a welcomed improvement over the abbreviations needed to fit on a 6 character display.

The use of through-the-panel programming is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Once you have seen the clear, detailed interface software, you will never want to see a memory map or use the front panel buttons again.