Part Number Matrix Simplifies Feature Selection

Part Number Matrix

On January 1, 2017 we will update our part numbering system to bring all of our Piston and Helical meters in line with the G-Series, Gear meters. The new, single-line, part numbering system will allow you to confidently specify your choice of features as you select from the matrices for the P-Series, Piston Meters and H-Series, Helical Meters.

No matter how you interact with Max, as an engineer, buyer, installer, or user of our flow measurement systems, the single-line part number will ensure that you know what you are getting and can communicate your choice with precision.

For our current customers, who have used our legacy part numbers, please give us a call to quickly update your previous system designations to the equivalent single-line part number.  Or, when the time is right, you can also use the part number matrices, arranged by meter family, to select the appropriate part number based on your application’s needs.