Real-Time Fuel Consumption for Shell Eco-Marathon by Max Model P001

Fuel meters for high mileage engines

The Shell Eco-Marathon will be held in three locations this year.  The first group will compete in Manila over the March 3rd through 6th weekend. The Eco-Marathon Americas will be held in Detroit over the April 21st through 24th weekend. And starting in 2016, the Eco-Marathon Europe will be moving from Rotterdam, Netherlands to the streets of London on the weekend of June 30th through July 3rd.  The marathon challenges students from around the world to engineer more fuel-efficient vehicle designs. Various classes of cars compete for extreme fuel efficiency, or in a class that is known as Urban Concept. The Urban Concept cars seek to maintain the improved fuel economy while adding back the creature comforts that will be necessary to make consumers interested in alternative styles of vehicles.  The 2015 event set new records in the gasoline powered, Urban Concept division of a 517.3 km/l equivalent and in the diesel powered, prototype division of a 1323 km/l equivalent.  We predict new records will be set this year, as well.

Max Machinery is continuing to work with Shell Eco-Marathon and its race partners to provide high accuracy fuel measurement which will make it possible to quickly and reliably determine the fuel mileage. Look for the Max support staff at the Detroit and London events. We hope to see you there.