MEKP Catalysts and Solvents

As molding and other forming production techniques become more automated, the need to measure the chemicals used to form the epoxies and release agents are more apparent than ever. To allow for the precise measurement of more reactive chemicals such as methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) and similar peroxide containing catalysts, new technologies are needed to allow for the continuous processing of the chemicals.  Whether the flow is continuous or intermittent, Max Precision Flow Meters provide a repeatable and highly accurate signal to be used for closed loop flow control and/or alarm settings.



From the lowest flows of 1 cc/min to the highest flows of 500 cc/min, Max offers the following flow meters:

  • P234-MEKP
    • K-Factor:  180 pulses/cc
    • Flow Rate:  1 cc/min to 500 cc/min

Piston Meters are ideal for this application because  of their high accuracy and high resolution.  They are made to measure concentrated or neat chemical solutions at very low rates  and save you from the frustrations of blending solutions to meet the narrow range of other flow meters.   Max Machinery transmitter technology provides a more reliable signal and prevents over reporting due to pulsations in the system.


  • Drift free accuracy, for decades of service
  • Accuracy not affected by start/stop flow
  • Pressure ratings to support your application up to 3000 psi (210 Bar)

Max Precision Flow Meters provide the operator the ability to precisely dose the liquid into the process or fine tune flow rates to perfect closed-loop flow control.


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