Helical Flow Meters

Able to measure fluids of up to 1,000,000 cps, due to its flow through design.

The Helical meter's progressive cavity design can measure higher flow rates and higher viscosities because of its naturally lower pressure drop. 

("Your meter only caused half the pressure drop of the German-made meter we tested" - Paul S., Parker Hannifin)

Low pressure loss and ability to measure up to 1,000,000 cps make a Helical rotor meter an ideal choice for:

  • high-temperature asphalt measurement
  • mastic and adhesive dispensing
  • high flow rate blending

Tight internal clearances gives them the ability to measure low viscosity fluids and provide 0.2% accuracy over a 100:1 range.

High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H241
100 cc/min to 189 liters/min (0 to 50 gpm)
High-throughput, high viscosity meter, Model H242
1 l/min to 500 liters/min (0.26 to 132 gpm)