De-Ionized Water Measurement for EDM Hole Drilling

DI Water Measurement for EDM Hole Drilling

Max Precision Flow Meters take precision EDM hole drilling to a new level.  When aerospace, medical, and precision tool components of high value are at risk with each hole drilled, knowing exactly what your flow rate is could be the difference between scrap and qualified parts.  Measure your de-ionized water (DI) flow rate through the electrode tube to create an additional safety measure to prevent no-flow part damage or to add a level of control to the speed and reset functions of your process.


With direct measurement of your DI water supply to the electrode, Max offers the following flow meter:

  • P234
    • K-Factor:  180 pulses/cc
    • Flow Rate:  1 – 2000 cc/min

This piston meter is ideal for this application with its wide turndown (200:1) and low flow capabilities down to 1 cc/min.  Max Machinery’s transmitter technology provides for a more robust and reliable signal and prevents over reporting due to pulsations in the system.


  • Accuracy not affected by start/stop flow
  • High resolution output, 180 pulses/cc
  • Low flow rates down to 1 cc/min

Max Precision Flow Meters provide the operator with the ability to precisely control the DI water flow rates with your existing PLC and to set alarm limits and emergency shutdowns with closed-loop flow control.

The meter is rugged, dependable, and not affected by changes in the flow profile. Even pulsating flow streams are accurately measured.

Upgrade your existing EDM machines with DI water flow measurement to see the benefits of saving work pieces from stuck or clogged electrode damage.

OEMs will not only find savings in automated safety measures that prevent the loss of work pieces, but by fully integrating the P234 into your systems, you will have more control over how efficiently you complete hole drilling processes and transfer from one piece or set-up to the next.

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