Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant Measurement

Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant Measurement

With the Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) membranes making up as much as 40% of the R.O. plant’s original construction cost, their proper maintenance is a primary concern.  Monitoring and inhibiting the scale created in the desalinization process is crucial as the fine membranes may become irreparably clogged in as little as 48 hours.  Direct measurement of the liquid anti-scalant is the key to improved performance.



With direct measurement of the anti-scalant, Max offers the following flow meter:

  • P234
    • K-Factor:  180 pulses/cc
    • Flow Rate:  1 – 2000 cc/min

This piston meter is ideal for this application with its wide turndown (200:1) and low flow capabilities down to 1 cc/min.  Max Machinery’s transmitter technology provides for a more robust and reliable signal and prevents over reporting due to pulsations in the system.


  • Drift free accuracy for decades of service
  • Accuracy not affected by start/stop flow
  • High resolution output, 180 pulses/cc
  • Low flow rates down to 1 cc/min

Max Precision Flow Meters provide the operator with the ability to precisely dose the liquid into the process or fine tune flow rates and alarm limits to perfect the closed-loop flow control.

The meter is rugged, dependable, and not affected by changes in the fluid viscosity or flow profile. Even pulsating flow streams are accurately measured.

When combined with Max Machinery’s product line of electronic indicators, the Model P234 is used to provide no-flow alarms, flow rate and totalization information, as well as analog or pulse outputs for maintenance documentation making it perfect for municipal water settings.

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