Max Machinery provides calibration and refurbishment services.  Bring your meter back to factory new condition with refurbishment and calibration to the same NIST traceable standard when they shipped to you new.

Shouldn’t you have a plan to ensure your meters
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Send them back to us for calibration.
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When should I calibrate my meters?

Annual calibration is a good start to any Quality Management program. Since you know your system best, you may choose to calibrate your meters more or less frequently.  Or if you have many meters, you can send in a master meter for calibration and confirm your in-process meters are accurate as the day they were installed by testing against it.

What if my meter stops working?

If you know that something happened to the meter, like debris damage or a lightning strike or shop air run through it, then you need to send the meter back for refurbishment. Fill out the Service Request Form now!

If you don’t know what happened, start with the troubleshooting section in the manual.

Don’t have the manual? Find it here

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Now that you’re sure the meter has stopped working, get it refurbished.
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Service faq’s
Can I field service my Max Meter? 

NO. Max Precision Flow Meters have been designed to provide the highest accuracy and repeatability from the factory.  Just like rebuilding your car’s engine or replacing the CPU in your computer, Max Meters are precision instruments that need to be refurbished at a specified facility.

Are there regional service centers?

All refurbishment work in the US is done at our factory in California.  For international customers, check with your local agent to find out what they can do.  Didn’t buy your meter through an agent?  Contact us in California for support.

How much will a refurbishment cost?

Refurbishments are priced so they typically do not exceed 50% the cost of a new meter.  If there is extensive damage and costs will be greater than 50% new, we encourage you to buy new.

How old of a meter can I calibrate?

We will calibrate all Max Meters, no matter how old.

How old of a meter can I have refurbished?

We refurbish meters on a 10 year running basis.  In 2020, we will refurbish meters with a SN D0xxxx and newer.

Wait, why only 10 years of refurbishment if your meters last 20 years or longer?

Technology has changed significantly in the past 10 years and we see most customers wanting better accuracy and resolution than could be provided more than 10 years ago.  So, if it is broke, upgrade it!

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