Flow Meters for Measuring Brake Fluid In-line

Brake Fluid In-Line Flow Testing.

Flow measurement is used for mapping flow profiles, testing for system leaks, and determining maximum flow rates within braking systems as they are designed.


High resolution, bi-directional and quadrature signal outputs, and 1.6 millisecond response times make Max Precision Flow Meters the choice in brake testing.  For the lowest flows and the most robust testing capability use:

  • P001
    • K-Factor:  12,000 pulses/cc
    • Flow Rate:  0.005 – 200 cc/min
  • G004
    • K-Factor:  500 pulses/cc
    • Flow Rate: 0.5 – 4000 cc/min


  • Abrupt start/stop flow and reverse flows are all accurately counted.
  • High resolution data registers exactly when the brakes were applied
  • Robust sensor design allows for measurement during accelerated and harsh application testing

Max Precision Flow Meters provide you with high resolution forward and reverse flow rate measurements that capture the data you rely on to evaluate the braking system dynamics and refine the next generation of braking components.

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