Precise Polyurethane Ratio Control

Polyol and isocyanate blending applications for cast elastomers, and rigid or flexible foam applications such as reaction injection molding (RIM). Catalysts, surfactants, fire retardants, pigments, blowing agents, and other blending chemicals requiring precise ratio control.



Need for consistent output regardless of changes in material density, viscosity or flow profile keep Max Precision Flow Meters the leading choice with their wide range and high accuracy:

  • G105
    • K-Factor:  25,000 pulses/liter
    • Flow Rate: 75 cc/min – 105 liters/min
  • H241
    • K-Factor:  15,000 pulses/liter
    • Flow Rate: 100 cc/min – 189 liters/min
  • H242
    • K-Factor:  5,000 pulses/liter
    • Flow Rate: 1 liter/min – 500 liters/min


  • Analog outputs are field scalable for closed loop flow control
  • Non-drifting output, reliable throughout the pour
  • High resolution, allows precise control of the ratio

Urethane blending depends on precise ratio control of the polyol and MDI or TDI to achieve the final density, cure time and hardness.  Max Precision Flow Meters give the operator the ability to precisely set the flow rates and alarm limits of the base materials to perfect closed-loop flow control.  Accurate flow measurement gives you a powerful tool to prevent off-ratio conditions from occurring or persisting in your process.  The enhanced product consistency achieved will lead to better yields, lower costs, and greater end user satisfaction.

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