Save time and money while getting your flow meter installed and operating as quickly as possible. Include these accessory items to round out your flow metering system. 

  • Panel mount displays for rate and total, which also power the flow transmitter and create a 4-20mA output.
  • All stainless steel filters appropriately sized for your Max flow meter.
  • Turck® Brand signal cables with matching 5-pin plugs
  • Fuel measurement accessories (Level controllers and Vapor eliminators) for inclusion as a part of engine testing systems.
  • Interface software to provide control over the user's parameters in all of the Max linearized transmitters.
Low cost Rate and Total Indicator Model 122
Compact, Multi-function Display for Local Indication
The key to decades of reliable operation: 2000 or 6000 psi rated / stainless steel construction
Diesel fuel testing equipment
Fuel recirculation tanks for measurement system development
Serial Interface Manual
Provides user access to settings for output resolution and signal dampening. Optimize your installation.