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  1. F381 Filter
    Introducing the Max F381 Filters

    Max Machinery is pleased to announce the upgraded F381 filters to our line of accessories. Instantly recognizable as a compact, round in-line filter, this new version of our classically square filter now provides contamination protection up to 70 Liters/minute at 3000 psi. For over 25 years, Max Machinery has been…

  2. P234 Water Meter
    Water Based Precision Flow Measurement. The Max P234 Piston Flow Meter – Available Now!

    Max introduces the P234 Piston Flow Meter for high accuracy, high precision liquid water and aqueous based fluid measurement.  The Max P234 is compatible with deionized water, R.O. antiscalants, defoamers, anti-corrosives, antiseptics, sterilization chemicals and many more.   Offering flow ranges from 1 cc/min to 2000 cc/min with 100:1 turndown…

  3. 316SS Gear Meter
    Gear Meters in 316 Stainless Steel. Precision and Accuracy in Harsh Environments.

    Max Precision Flow Meters introduces 316 stainless steel bodies as our latest upgrade to the G-Series line of gear flow meters. When your application location calls for protection against corrosive environments and you need the highest accuracy and resolution available in gear meters, use the Max G-Series in 316 stainless…

  4. MeterView001
    Model 122 Indicator now with MeterView programming software

    Programming and optimizing your Model 122 for your application is easier than ever. The Model 122 now includes the programming software, MeterView installed in each unit. The easy to use graphic interface is USB powered for indicator configuration.  No need to wire the unit into the system until after configuration is…

  5. Maxflowmeter Howold 2
    How old of a meter can I have refurbished?

    Beginning in 2018, Max Machinery will be refurbishing meters that are 10 years old or newer.  We still provide calibrations for all models of Max Precision Flow Meters, no matter how old.

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