F381 Filter

Introducing the Max F381 Filters

Max Machinery is pleased to announce the upgraded F381 filters to our line of accessories. Instantly recognizable as a compact, round in-line filter, this new version of our classically square filter now provides contamination protection up to 70 Liters/minute at 3000 psi.

For over 25 years, Max Machinery has been providing protection for our piston and gear meters that operate in lower pressure ranges. As our flow meters have been upgraded and improved to be more robust and operate at higher pressures, we are making sure our filters can protect your customers’ systems from contamination at those same high pressures.

The F381 series of filters are based on a single round body size rated at 3000 psi that allows flow rates up to 70 Liters/minute and has 5, 10, and 30 micron filtration size ratings and 4 sealing options for a broad range of process fluid chemicals. The 303 stainless steel body has three port options of 3/8” NPT, #6 SAE, and 3/8 BSPP. O-ring seals are Viton® standard and may be optioned to Teflon®, Neoprene, or Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM).

With such a significant base of square 381 filters operating at customer locations around the world, we wanted to make future filter element kit replacements as easy as possible. Both the old style 381 square filters and the new round body F381 filters use the same replacement kits. This frees your replacement order process from mistakes. If you have all 381 square body filters, all F381 round body filters, or a mix of both body styles, the same filter element kits will fit and have your system protected against contamination.

Max Machinery  also engineered the new F381 filters to be cost efficient. Even with the performance improvements, the F381 filters start at the same price you come to expect for Max filters. Filter element kits also maintain their prices.

For detailed specifications, STEP files, and installation instructions for the F381 Series of filters, go to https://www.maxmachinery.com/product/f381-filters-and-filter-elements/ .

For high volume orders or customer specific customizations, contact Max Machinery directly to discuss the opportunity.


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