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We work with the top tier of companies that value fast, accurate flow measurement.  Our products provide high resolution and repeatability so you can improve your products and processes with confidence. Every Max meter installation is built on trustworthy advice and supported by unbeatable service. We hope that you will let us put this experience to work for you. See the 2015 catalog (pdf 1.8 Mb)

Piston Meter Family

  • Flow Meter - Model 213 Piston

Offering the highest accuracy (±0.2% of reading), widest flow range (200:1 or more) smallest displacements and the tightest fits and tolerances. These precision flow meters are suitable for all low viscosity liquids. Consider the piston family for fuel measurement, hydraulic test stands, additive injection or any low flow application.

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Gear Meter Family

Model G004 Gear Flow Meter

Max Gear meters are both economical and rugged. High pressure design, ±0.3% of reading accuracy and 100:1 flow range or more. A gear meter is an ideal choice for fuel oil measurement, hydraulic test stands, hot melt adhesives or conformal coatings.

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Helical Meter Family

Measuring the highest flow rates and viscosities while offering ±0.2% of reading accuracy, 50:1 flow range or more and the lowest pressure drop. The helical meter is ideal for lube oils, hydraulic test stands, urethane foam blending, greases or molten adhesives

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