Piston Meters offer the highest accuracy and widest flow range of any meter. By employing the tightest fits and tolerances, these precision meters are suitable for all low viscosity liquids.

Economical G004 Gear Flow Meter

Combined with a unique, high-resolution encoder, these meters provide 20 to 50 times more pulses than any other gear meter.

241 Helical Flow Meter

The Helical meter's progressive cavity design can measure higher flow rates and higher viscosities because of its naturally lower pressure drop.

Your Source for Low-Flow, High-Accuracy, High-Resolution Flow Meters

Max Machinery works with the top tier of companies that value fast, accurate flow measurement. Our positive displacement flow meters provide high resolution and repeatability, so you can improve your products and processes with confidence. Every Max meter installation is built on trustworthy advice, and supported by unbeatable service. We hope that you will let us put this experience to work for you. See the 2015 catalog (pdf 1.8 Mb).


Positive displacement measurement is based on dividing a flowing stream into known, repeatable...


Low-flow is a relative term, but in all cases it means measuring at a rate well below the norm. To...


Our signal processing approach really sets us apart. Instead of counting a gear tooth or rotor...