Piston Meters offer the highest accuracy and lowest flow rates of any meter.

Economical G004 Gear Flow Meter

Economical and Rugged with 50X more resolution than standard gears

241 Helical Flow Meter

Measures higher flow rates and viscosities due to its flow through design.

Meters for Low-Flow, Liquid Measurement

Flow meters are tools. You use them to check your work, improve your record keeping and give you peace of mind. Since you are reading this, we know that you’ve already made the decision to measure the flow, now buy the best meter that you can find. (Would you buy a dull saw?)

Max Meters are specified by engineers that value fast, accurate flow measurement. Our positive displacement flow meters provide high resolution and repeatability, so you can improve your products and processes with confidence. Every Max meter installation is built on trustworthy advice and supported by unbeatable service. We provide a calibration with every meter we ship, so you know that you are getting the accuracy you need.

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Positive displacement measurement is based on dividing a flowing stream into known, repeatable...


Low-flow is a relative term, but in all cases it means measuring at a rate well below the norm. To...


Our signal processing approach really sets us apart. Instead of counting a gear tooth or rotor...