Gear Flow Meters

Whether you need the streamlined industrial gear meter for laboratory testing or the hazardous location, harsh environment gear meter for the toughest process locations, look to Max Precision Flow Meters for your solution.

No other gear meter offers the resolution, accuracy and operating range that comes standard on every Max G-Series.  Max offers the industry’s highest resolution output signal and bi-directional measurement capabilities.  Superior mechanical performance delivers significantly lower pressure drop versus the competition.

An unchallenged accuracy specification of ±0.3% of reading over a 100:1 turndown and a total operating range of over 200:1 elevates the G-Series to a performance level long desired by metrology professionals. Economical and versatile, these meters are ideal for viscosities from 5 to 10,000 cps.

Choose a frequency output that has a resolution 20 to 50 times more pulses than any other gear meter or an analog transmitter for a uni-directional or bi-directional output in volts or milliamps.

Available in 303 or 316 stainless steel construction. Pressure rating of 414 bar (6000 psi).

A gear meter is an ideal choice for:

  • fuel oil measurement
  • hydraulic test stands
  • hot melt adhesives
  • conformal coatings
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G004
0.5 cc/min to 4 liters/min (0 to 1 gpm)
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G015
10 cc/min to 15 liters/min (0.003 to 4 gpm)
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G045
25 cc/min to 45 liters/min (0.006 to 12 gpm)
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G105
75 cc/min to 105 liters/min (0.02 to 28 gpm)
Low cost Gear Flow Meter Model G240
250 cc/min to 240 liters/min (0.07 to 63 gpm)