P215 Piston Flow Meter

Model P215 flow meter

Flow range: 25 cc/min to 35 liters/min (0.006 to 10 gpm)
Accuracy (at 3 cP): ± 0.2% of reading over a 200:1 range
Maximum Operating Pressure: 210 bar (3000 psi)
Displacement: 47.6 cc/rev 2.9 in3/rev Weight 10.4 kg 22.9 lbs
Recommended Filtration: 10 micron 1250 mesh
Port Size: 1/2" NPT standard or #8 SAE
Fluids: Most non aqueous, hydrocarbon based liquids

Materials of Construction

Body: Stainless steel, type 303
Pistons: Nitride hardened stainless steel, type 303
Crankshaft: Stainless steel
Bearings: Stainless steel, type 440C
Seals: Viton® "O" rings - Neoprene, Perfluoroelastomer, Teflon® - optional

Transmitter Variations (dependent on model #)

P215 Frequency
Output Signal: 5V pulse (current sinking and quadrature, also available)
Output Resolution: 20 pulses/cc
Temperature Rating*: 90°C to 225 °C (195°F or 437°F)

P215 Analog
Output Signal: ± 20mA or ± 10V
Output Resolution: 16 bit
Temperature Rating*: 90°C to 225 °C (195°F or 437°F)

*See spec sheets for temperature rating of each model 

Compliance: CE Certified, Ex-proof version available with ATEX/IECEx II 2 G Ex db IIB Tx Gb as well as UL, cUL certification for Class 1, Division 1, Groups C and D, Tx

Dimensional Drawing

Pressure Drop Curve


P215 Typical Applications

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